AME accepts applicants/submissions from composers, by way of  the MOSTLY MODERN FESTIVAL. Have your music performed, with a video 4-camera-shoot and state-of-the art audio, by top notch chamber groups, choir, and/or orchestra. 
The Mostly Modern Festival is for ALL ages (18 and over) and provides some scholarships and financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit/apply to THE MOSTLY MODERN FESTIVAL? Can't I just email my music to you?
AME doesn't have enough time to carefully consider works outside of the festival. The festival portal also helps keep track of what's been submitted.

Do you make a profit from the MMF application fee? Where are the application fees used for?
Fees are used to pay for the application portal (SlideRoom), judging panel, scholarships/financial aid, and all that goes into the festival and performances. 

Does  any of the application fee cover the actual  cost of performances?
The small amount we charge for application fees only goes so far. The performances are mostly covered by tuition, grants, private donations, and ticket sales.