Composition Submissions

AME only accepts submissions via our AME Annual Composition Competition, which is for ALL ages and provides cash awards and live performances& recordings/video each season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit via the competition? Can I just email my materials to you?
AME doesn't have enough time to carefully consider works that are not submitted via the competition. The competition portal also helps keep track of what's been submitted.

I don't want to be considered for the competition, I just want to submit a piece. Is that OK?
YES, just submit via the competition and make a note that you would not like to be considered for the competitions.

Can I submit works without paying the fee, even if I'm not entering the competition?
Reviewing works takes enormous time & effort. A panel carefully looks at and listens to scores, and we will reply back if asked to do so. We need to charge a fee for the time it takes to review works. We guarantee that if you submit a work, or multiple works, we will review your music, and you won't need to guess as to whether we actually checked out your music. For all unsolicited submissions via the competition, we will also provide feedback, if you'd like us to.

Do I need to follow the same guidelines that are listed in the competition for which works to submit?
Yes. Please do not submit solos, duos, trios, or music for standard ensembles, such as piano trios, string quartets or wind quintets, unless we specifically ask you to do so, Also, please do not submit works for full-sized orchestras, or any other ensemble that AME clearly doesn't program, unless we ask you to.

Do you make a profit from the application fees? Where are the application fees used for?
Fees are used to pay for the application portal (SlideRoom), judging panel, awards, and all that goes into a New York City performance. We use the fees to help defray the cost of our Managing Director, who answers all emails and manages the competition and the portal.

Do any of the application fees cover part of the cost of performances?
The small amount we charge for application fees only goes so far, and the performances are mostly covered by grants, private donations, and ticket sales.