AME tenth Annual Composition Competition
DEADLINE July 1st, 2016
Winners WILL BE announced BY May 1, 2017

Tier 1 (Ages 22 and under) $300, Premiere Performance, Archival Recording

Works not adhering to the guidelines below will be disqualified.

AME is proud to announce the American Modern Ensemble Tenth Annual Composition Competition. American composers (North, Central and South America, or U.S. Permanent Residents holding Green Cards, but not composers holding temporary student visas) are invited to submit one to three compositions, each 8-20 minutes in length. There will be one winner in each category, and up to two finalists per category that may also be selected for performance.

Works must be scored for six or more performers, and may use any combination or subset of the following: solo voice, flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute), clarinet (doubling e-flat and bass clarinet), oboe, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, trumpet, trombone, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, piano (doubling synthesizer), harp and percussion (no tubular chimes or timpani, except for up to three individual tubular chimes). Individual players for each instrument only, so for example, only one percussionist, not three, one pianist, one clarinetist, etc.

No movements from multi-movement works unless they are definitely meant to stand alone. Works requiring electronics or video will be considered, provided they require no extra personnel other than the composer and are easy to implement.

Works may have been previously, performed, awarded, recorded or published, professionally or otherwise, but may not have been premiered or performed professionally in New York City (academic performances do not apply). MP3 recordings are recommended, but not mandatory. However, no recording or a live reading is preferable to a very poor-quality MIDI recording. Please note: there is a 10 MB limit for attachments. If your piece exceeds the size limit, there is also a field to include a link to the audio.

PLEASE NOTE that you may submit the same piece or a different piece for each tier, but only a total of three pieces.

Each work must be submitted using the appropriate link, i.e., your first piece must be submitted using the first piece link, the second piece using the second piece link, etc.

PLEASE NOTE that the work that wins the competition may not be the work that AME programs for the concert—if you win, AME will perform a work of yours, but it may not be the work that wins the competition. 

For the works selected for performance, the composer must attend the dress rehearsal and performance in New York City and will need to submit a photocopy of a Passport or Driver's License indicating proof of age and American citizenship or Permanent Resident status. Previous winners in each category may not re-apply in that category. However, finalists may re-apply.

For competition questions, contact AME's Managing Director:
For technical questions with the online application, contact

Deadline: Friday, JuLY 1 at 11:59 pm EST